Extraordinary Christian Puppeteers

“The most bizarre, horrible, extraordinary piece of Christian puppeteering that I think you’ll ever see” – Andy Nyman

I’m not sure where to begin with an analysis of this so it is simply presented for your perusal…

Thanks to American Jesus (‘Your Daily Dose of Rapping Christian Puppets’), today’s interest in Christian puppeteering on TV began with a viewing of the Wiser Family Puppet Band:

I was instantly reminded of Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson reported on Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe, thus giving us a double dose for today (and there are more examples to click should you wish to up the dosage):

We don’t usually get this sort of thing in the UK.


One thought on “Extraordinary Christian Puppeteers

  1. Dear God,

    Thank you for giving me mum and dad who sailed to the most isolated island on the planet, a long long way from those puppets, before dropping sprogs.


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